A gift in your Will

An expression of hope for the future

A gift in your Will is a precious gesture that helps you support a cause close to your heart.

Together, with Dementia Australia, you can help create a future where all people impacted by dementia receive the care and support, they need.

The impact of your
lasting gift

Your gift could help fund future research to identify strategies that prevent and delay the onset of dementia.

It could help a research team discover breakthrough treatments, increase dementia awareness, or promote better quality care.

Your generosity can have a far-reaching impact on so many people, in so many ways, no matter the size.

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Ways you can include a gift in your Will

There are a variety of ways to leave a gift to Dementia Australia in your Will, including:

  • Residue - The remainder (or percentage) of your estate after you have allocated any specific bequests.
  • Pecuniary gift - A specific dollar amount.
  • Assets - Such as shares, securities, jewellery or superannuation.
If you would like to know more about leaving a gift in your Will you can contact us here.

We support your choice

When you leave a gift in your Will, you can be assured that your wishes will be honoured. Dementia Australia will safeguard your bequest which will be utilised to form a profound and lasting difference. We recommend you consult a legal professional to ensure your Will is valid according to the laws in your State or Territory.  

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If you would like to learn more about leaving a gift in your Will or creating an online Will, our National Planned Giving Specialist, Iuliana Tristram, would love to help.

Email: iuliana.tristram@dementia.org.au
Phone: (02) 8875 4668

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“The knowledge that you’re not alone on a journey that can be very isolating is reassuring. Dementia Australia always has been and always will remain the charity of choice for a gift in my Will.”

Janet, Memory Keeper