Gifts in lieu of flowers

Donations in memory of a loved one are a beautiful way to remember someone special who has passed away and make a real difference to families impacted by dementia.

Arrange gifts in lieu of flowers or make a personal donation as a lasting commemoration.

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could provide essential library and information services for people impacted by dementia.
could fund vital support services and programs, such as counselling, support groups or the Living With Dementia Program.
could fund research into dementia treatments and ultimately a cure.

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Research and support services for people living with dementia, their families and carers

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Arrange gifts in memory of your loved one

Request donation envelopes
Order envelopes for a funeral or service so people can donate in memory of your loved one.
Create an online page

Set up a personalised page so people can donate online in memory of your loved one.

“Dementia Australia were just amazing. They were able to provide us with counselling, family carer training sessions and advice. It just made a huge difference. I’d have been quite lost without the information and support we got from Dementia Australia.”

Terese, whose husband had dementia.