Give the Gift of the Present

Make Every Moment   Count 

When dancing with her husband, Shirley’s confusion lifts and she remembers every single step. You see, when Shirley dances, Col says she doesn’t have dementia anymore.

Your gift today can fund life-changing support, so people impacted by dementia like Col and Shirley can make the most of the present.

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How You Can Help

Col and Shirley's Journey

 The importance of the present 

When Shirley was diagnosed with dementia the life she had built with Col was turned upside down.

As Shirley’s dementia progressed, she struggled with simple tasks like bathing and dressing herself. For Col, meeting her complex and changing needs, on top of taking care of their day-to-day duties - started to take a toll on him.

Struggling to cope, Col reached out to Dementia Australia. We put him in touch with one of our professional counsellors. Their one-on-one chats gave Col a safe space to express his feelings and understand how crucial it was to look after his own health and well-being.

You can make a profound difference in the lives of those living with dementia by providing life-changing support, so families like Col and Shirley’s can make the most out of the present.


Watch Col and Shirley's Story


The Impact of Your Donation

 Making Moments Count 

Right now, there are more than 400,000 Australians living with dementia and more than 1.5 million people involved in their care.

There are many more people like Col and Shirley who urgently need your help.

With these numbers rising at a staggering rate, you can help meet the growing demand for our services and accelerate research into finding a cure.

No family is ever prepared for the heartbreak dementia brings, or the upheaval it causes to their lives. Your support can help those who need it most ─ and create hope for a future without dementia.